Managing my time as a Data Scientist — Part 2

Hello and welcome to this mini-series on time-management.

I am passionate about getting people into time management in a way that is more than just blocking out time periods. I’ve started this mini-series for Data Scientists but really anyone can benefit from the ideas and tools offered in these articles. The first part of this series focused on a streamlined and powerful GitHub feature called Projects, you can read it here.

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In this article, I focus on Notion:

Notion gained popularity quickly over the last two years and has quickly become the workspace of choice for many individuals teams and companies. Notion is currently free for individuals so let's jump in and get an account set up before we start.

Notion Logo

Notion Templates

Notion lets you play around with notes almost like lego. You can build a page out of a sentence and put another page within that page ad infinitum. This kind of versatility is one of the reasons Notion is so useful. Notes you make feel natural and more personal.

Another great feature in Notion is its templates. I highly recommend you explore these at some point. For the start of my Data Science course, I opened a workspace and made a syllabus template. This came with handy organisational tools for coach details, lesson schedules, weekly schedules. I was able to make a place for all my school-related details in little time!

Here are some examples of what you might find in the Syllabus template:

A list of Modules. Within each module is a list of subjects, handy.

Module list

A course Schedule

A Reading Table

Other templates can be found online and in particular, the most useful ones I’ve found for managing my time are:

Adding a Team Member

It might be useful for you and a teammate to use a shared space to take notes when managing a project. Notion can provide this space and does so fairly well.

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I urge you at this point to explore some of the freely available templates built-in to Notion for project management. For now, select the Engineering category of templates and choose either To-Do or Roadmap. Select use this template

Use To-Do or Roadmap for now

When you are ready click Share in the top right of the notion window and you will be given a number of options.

Share options

For now, we will Invite people by pressing the Add people button

Search for linked email accounts

Search for your teammate via the email they used to sign up for Notion and click invite.

Or add teammates you’ve already worked with from the select a person list.

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Tips and Tricks

Taking notes with Notion:

In my opinion, taking notes with Notion couldn’t be better. Try the Cornell notes system template when you open a new page for note-taking. You can also use code blocks that can be language-specific.

Try the following command anywhere on a notion page:


Now select Code

typing out /code presents the code feature

When the box appears press the bottom right button to select your coding language.

Select from many coding languages

Now all the code you write in the box will be colour coded as per your languages formatting.

Python formatted code

But you cannot run the code from within Notion. :)

Tips and Tricks

Quick Find

When you’ve made extensive notes and are running many projects using notion for management support, you can access content or notes with the quick find feature.

Quick find rests at the top left under your notion account name. It’s an intelligent search feature

For example if I wanted to find notes on classifiers algorithms I just search for classifier and it presents me with 36 results of Best matches:

Using quick find for Best Match results

I can choose to add a filter with a number of options:

Filter options


With Notion you can track your notes, weekly agenda, Interviews Job applications, subscriptions and much much more! Work with teams or just have your own personal workspace that can help you manage your time all in one space.

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