Live Coding Session: Basic Timer

This week I decided to try something new.

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

I have been streaming on twitch lately and I thought why not learn to code something live in front of viewers.

The idea excited me and I got my resources together and decided to go ahead with an end to end basic programming session. I learnt the how-to’s and nuances of what I was doing as I streamed and it was a really enjoyable experience!

There will definitely be more but I want to share some details of how this project went!

Box art for physical copy of Phantasy Star Online episode I&II

What was the Session about?

As it’s the 20th Anniversary of my favorite game of all time: Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (Gamecube). I decided to program a basic timer that would help with some of the in-game pet systems. The timer would increase the quality of life while playing by alerting me every 3 minutes and 15 seconds. By keeping this strict feeding schedule I increase the efficiency of my pet's progression.

I programmed a basic timer live with twitch while learning how to do it along the way and it was awesome!

It took a surprisingly long time to get through everything but I was in no rush and even practiced Pomodoro timing as I went! This was surprisingly helpful. It turns out having countdown ticking away while programming a timer is useful. Check out the video below!

Feature list

I jotted up a quick set of core features or what you might call a minimum viable product. Then I added personalised features to a list on a content page in Notion.

Notion content/ feature list

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of implementing each new feature along the way and got to practice my Python skills too!

There are many more things I could do to personalise this basic timer project but I like it simple and functional for now. The program is functional and can be cloned and used. Link to the Git repository and instructions in the README.

Image of Program running and its 30-second visual warning

Try some live coding out yourself or come and sit in my channel for the next session! I am keen to program in front of an audience more as I find it keeps me accountable and pushes me to use good practice.

Thanks for reading all sources mentioned are below!


  1. Live coding session 1: Basic Timer Program - Youtube video
  2. My Twitch channel — I stream games like Super Smash Bros. and Phantasy Star Online and code live from time to time :)
  3. Github repository — all code and files present to run the program

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