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  • Andrew Ng

    Andrew Ng

    AI, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Online Education.

  • Wicaksono Wijono

    Wicaksono Wijono

    Bayesian data scientist. Alternates between light reading and more in-depth articles about applied statistics and machine learning.

  • Jeremy Duggan

    Jeremy Duggan

  • Anastasia Gorina

    Anastasia Gorina

    Data scientist, Math and Physics enthusiast. Enjoy working on ML projects about beauty products and fine cuisine.

  • Preston Badeer

    Preston Badeer

    Startups, Business, Data Science, Product Management, and building stuff.

  • Ioana


    Data scientist & educator. Combining analytical rigour & pedagogical expertise to turn opaque data and ML methods into insights & narrative — Linkedin: ioanapr.

  • Beth Schofield

    Beth Schofield

    Full Stack Web Dev who ran away with the circus then ran away from it again. Twice.

  • Lianne & Justin @ Just into Data

    Lianne & Justin @ Just into Data

    We make Data Science SIMPLER for You! Enjoy articles on topics such as Machine Learning, AI, Statistical Modeling, Python. Check out justintodata.com/blog/.

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